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Halfway through day 2 of NEARfest. Yesterday, watched Riverside (a Polish fusion/prog-metal band) and Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis).

I'm not really sure what I expected from Hackett - I haven't really heard anything he's done since the mid-late-seventies. And so I guess I expected some old Genesis and some classical guitar. And he opened up with some serious avant garde jazz fusion. It may have been one of the most confusing sets I've ever seen, flipping between styles from classical guitar to seventies hippie pop to thrashing metal fusion to Peter Gabriel era Genesis to a very, very odd blues song. I did enjoy it, but I'm not sure it was successful as a cohesive whole.

On the other hand, it certainly established Steve Hackett as a kick-ass guitarist who can hold his own in just about any genre or style of music.

Last night I ended up jamming with some folks, playing bass and dumbek. Was fun, though I'm way way out of practice. Need to get me a cheap bass that I can hack into a 2 string slide bass, and start practicing.

Slept through the first band today, but got in a little bit of work on the novel and made it for the second band, Forgas Band Phenomena, from France. It's good to see a band really enjoy themselves on stage, and when they play Serious Music with a sense of fun, I really enjoy it.

Next band is coming on in a few minutes.

And I think I need some more coffee.
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