brni (brni) wrote,

no funerals

Well, not for me, not today.

We did have an incident with the meat man, though.

I woke up late - was on a quick trip to Virginia yesterday, and didn't get home until after 3am, so I had an excuse, so I was still in my robe, trying to catch up on email and get enough caffeine in me to survive a shower, when a freezer truck pulled up out front of our neighbor's across the street. The truck was emblazoned with the words: U.S. Beef. I figured it was for the neighbors. They just moved in recently, and have lots of pickup trucks. More pickup trucks than people. Maybe they really like beef.

The truck driver hops out of the truck, looks around, then sprints across the street, across our lawn, to our door. He looks around again, then rings the doorbell and runs back to the truck.

Loki goes nuts. She already had her hackles up, but when he touched the house and ran, she freaked. I grabbed the dog, and escorted her to the bedroom and closed the door, while Linda went to front door.

When he saw Linda, the guy ran back and met her in our front lawn. They spoke briefly, then the guy left. Just ran back to his truck, got in, and drove off.

"What did he want?" I asked.

"He wanted to sell us meat," she said, "cheap. Like $3 steaks. He said that the warehouse filled an order wrong, and now he's got all this meat he needs to get rid of."

"What did you say?"

"I told him we were vegetarians. He said, 'Oh, wrong house.'"
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