brni (brni) wrote,

The bomb in the baby carriage was wired to the radio

There's a sort of warm/fuzzy feeling one gets seeing someone tooling around with a baby - in a baby sling, or in a baby carriage. A non-screaming baby, that is, and person who is not looking stressed and harried. The warm/fuzzy thing happens even for a babyphobe like myself.

I especially like those sports-baby-carriages. The ones with the three big bicycle-type wheels that get pushed seemingly effortlessly in front of the child's jogging mother. I think the smile on my face is almost involuntary.

An age-old question posed to writers: "Where do you get your ideas?"

Yesterday, driving to the bank, I saw one such woman, with one such baby carriage, jogging down the street in the opposite direction I was traveling. I smiled. As I came closer, I noticed the baby carriage was empty.



The answer to that age-old question: "Anywhere. Everywhere. Just pay attention, and ask yourself why."
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