brni (brni) wrote,

interesting bit of story news

I was making updates to the bibliography page of my website to incorporate the new publications that came out for Balticon, and to post links to our favorite hate-to-buy-from-them-but-do-it-anyway online retailer for the various books, when I discovered something somewhat fascinating.

If you go to the Amazon listing for Dead Souls (Morrigan Books, Mark Deniz, ed.), and click on the picture of the book, you can see a small amount of the interior text.

Even more fascinating: a click on "First Pages" brings up the first page of my story, "The Collector."

Yet more fascinating still: You can read the entirety of the story this way.

So, if you haven't yet read this one, and have any small interest in my writing, by all means, go read it. And if you like it - go on, buy the book. There's plenty more creepy terrors by some persons of rather considerable talent lying in wait between its covers.
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