brni (brni) wrote,

two quick reviews

Just finished watching Crazy Heart. Fucking brilliant film. Couldn't watch it without getting a drink. Have a strange urge to play country music. And any film that makes me want to play country music, rather than punk, or prog, or jazz or almost anything other than opera and disco, has got to be good. The script, the story, the directing? Brilliant, especially for a first effort. And real. No heroes, no villains. Just people trying to muddle through life, and discovering that even with atonement, even with love and forgiveness, some things can never be undone.

Jeff Bridges? Every gesture is perfect. Every utterance. "He can't be vain," Linda said, during the scene where he pukes his guts out whilst attired only in his tighty-whiteys. "That's for certain." And who knew? The boy can sing.

And Maggie Gyllenhaal? Every move is art. A casual wave of the hand brushing her hair from her face becomes the focal point on the screen. I've not really seen anything like that, not that consistently, from any other actor.

Contrast: Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Fortunately, I realized that Linda was becoming more and more angry with the show at about the same rate I was. They did everything wrong. First, they had reasonably intelligent characters be willfully oblivious to in-your-face-obvious danger. Second, everybody did the wrong thing, ALL THE TIME. Third, almost every character behaved completely out of character. Fourth, the cops did everything exactly wrong. Hello? 5 cops to clear a hospital? Really? Just a tiny bit of realism goes a long way. But of course, that'd screw up all the emotional angst they wanted to go on and on about. Fifth, there's only 2 characters who have not become unbearably annoying this season. They killed one of them right off, first thing, and shot the other one about 10 seconds later, basically taking him out of the action. What's the point of watching the rest of the episode after that? Only to see how much more they could piss us off. Sixth: Bailey. Bailey would have done surgery with a fucking paper clip to try to save the guy. She was in a hospital. With a whole floor to herself. "Oh, the elevator's been shut down, sorry, I can't help you, you have to die"?


It was worse than the Doctor Who iDalek episode.
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