brni (brni) wrote,

these pants i sacrifice to the winter gods

...who saw fit to bring down large quantities of white pine limbs from our and Judy's trees, and saw fit to then have someone with a bulldozer dump piles of snow from the street into our yard on top of them.

Today, after many days of 50-60 degree weather, enough of the snow had melted that we could free up the majority of the limbs, lop or saw off the twigs and branches, and make neater piles. Some of the limbs themselves are thick as smaller trees, and we'll have plenty of wood for the chiminea. Fortunately pine is a light wood, and I was able to lift them one-armed.

Loki helped, shredding pine needles off of the vicious branches before they could attack us.

One pile of branches - the ones that weren't road-salt and chemical dosed - will be harvested, washed, and laid out to dry off, and then used to make white pine vinegar, which makes for a wonderfully refreshing and healthful salad dressing.

The rest will go out back in the gully, where they're sure to make wonderful habitat for a year or two for birds and chipmunks and anything else that likes a bit of brush cover.

And the pants? Well... we must make sacrifices. Hopefully this one will ensure a fruitful spring.
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