brni (brni) wrote,

Interesting post about plotting here.

My own writing tends to flow very much from the voices of the characters, which has led to some pitfalls with attempts at plotting, particularly at the points where Character X needs to perform Action Y or everything that should follow to allow an orderly progression to the climax of the story doesn't, and I realize that, well, Mr. X would never do that.

And then what?

Figure out a new way, a different character, a different action that moves the plot along? Figure out a new plot? Figure out that Mr. X has been lying to you all this time, and perhaps even to himself, and that in a critical time of stress, yes, he would do the thing the plot requires of him, and spend the rest of the novel trying to sort out why? Why didn't I try to save that kid from drowning? Or, depending on the character - Why did I risk my life saving that stupid kid from drowning?

I don't yet have an answer to this.
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