brni (brni) wrote,

Just a quick comment on responsibility

Recently, the school board of Central Falls High School, the only public high school in a low income area, fired the entire school for poor performance. To be fair, the school board first demanded that the teachers all add a lot to their workload (probably 10-15 hours per week from what I see) without additional pay.

Deborah Gist, the Rhode Island education commissioner, did a live chat: this is from the transcript:

Lee: My questions are simple. At what point you will hold the parents accountable? I Where do you think you will get these highly qualified teachers to replace the ones fired? The reason I ask is I would never encourage my child to apply to an urban school because odds are the next batch of teachers will be fired when these scores don't improve. WAY TOO RISKY! Better off in a suburban district.

Deborah Gist: Lee: Schools and teachers should do everything they can to engage parents and to help them support their child's learning. However, every educator is responsible for student success regardless of that child's background or family support. In fact, children whose families struggle to support them need our help and a quality education more than anyone.

I beg to differ.

The teacher's responsibility is to provide the opportunity for each student to get a good education.

The parent's responsibility is to provide an environment in which each student can recognize the value of the opportunity to get a good education.

But the student's success? The responsibility for the student's success lays squarely on the student.
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