brni (brni) wrote,

now little bits of texas are floatin' up in space

went to see was (not was) tonight. they were even better than i expected - these guys really kick out the funk. it's been 15 years since they put out an album. looks like they'll be putting a new one out sometime soon. :)

what? you don't know who was (not was) is? well, listen to them.

the one great unexpected pleasure of the evening was the opening band. Twinemen is a boston based band with a sax and bass-heavy, opium-tinged sound, sounding a lot like Morphine with a female vocalist/guitarist. the more i listened, the more convinced i was that there was a relation - sure enough, the sax player was the guy from morphine, and it turns out that the band is basically morphine, with laurie sargent singing and playing guitar, replacing mark sandman. i've uploaded an unauthorized copy of one song for taste testing.

all in all a happy music night.
Tags: music
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