brni (brni) wrote,

like falling off a bike

just got home from PT as linda was taking loki to the vet.

it was grey and drizzly and warm when i left home. short-sleeves warm. i spent an hour in PT. it was hot when i got out, and the sun was blinding bright in a vivid blue sky. by the time i got home - grey. as we got loki in the car, a couple drops hit us. i went back inside and the heavens opened up.

bad news - loki is profoundly unhappy. will hear more when linda gets back. (linda is back, loki is not - vet is holding her for diagnosis, but blood in the bowel is not a good thing...)

good news - driving != null.

comes back fast, this one-handed driving. all the little tricks. holding the wheel with the left knee and sliding the right hand down the wheel to hit the turn signal. use thumb to pull up for right turn, index finger to push for left. instinctually slow on blind curves to give greater response time, and break earlier when coming to turns, or anything that involves downshifting. be even more aware of the vehicles around you. give yourself extra time for everything.

thank the american people for the laziness that gives is power steering, power windows, and power locks.


edit from the dr office - seems I use my expressive finger for managing the turn signal. Also interesting is the automatic body movement so that any move away from a firm grip on the wheel is exchanged for 2 soft grips - signals and wipers both involve left knee up and pressed against the wheel AND the base of the thumb pressed against the other side.

Shifting is it's own thing. Left foot up on clutch, left knee pressed against wheel, move hand to stickshift, make sure surrounding environment is safe. Then, quickly, foot down, shift, foot up so knee reconnects, move hand to wheel, relax leg.
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