brni (brni) wrote,

other than the burst of energy that generated yesterday's post, i slept most of the day. ate some toast, took percacet. had some broth late at night. discovered that 1 pill is inadequate.

got a very sweet email from a long lost friend, nothing from a recently lost one.

managed to read a chapter of the red tree, but i dont think my brain is together enough for vast landscapes of text.

just discovered that the PT im supposed to go to doesnt take my insurance. we have to figure something else out.

today i'm out of bed and in lindas chair, at least for now. cream of wheat for breakfast, lots of ginger ale, a tiny bit of coffee. saltines.

i do not know yet how my tattoo survived the surgery. wont until i'm allowed to pull off the dressing.

yesterday, i woke up in the recovery room fairly abruptly. took me a bit to get my lips working. a nurse saw me awake, came over, asked if i needed anything.

"Dancing girls," I managed to croak. "I was sure I ordered dancing girls."

she laughed. "they never show up when they're supposed to. sorry."

"dancing boys?" i asked.

she shrugged. "that would be nice, but no."

"ok. how about a cup of ice, then?"


turns out that even tho the surgery place and the associated PT is literally walking distance from my house, the only pt i'm ALLOWED to see is a 15-20 min drive away. the joy of hmos. i'm sure there are in-network poviders very close by, but i'm only allowed to go to the specific one assigned by the insurance co to my primary care physician. this is free market choice? last time i went to the hmo assigned pt, they did nothing. applied heat and electrical stim to my neck. half the time the stim macine didn't work - one of them only worked on half the pads, and they'd always forget to put in good batteries. i never even saw the therapist, just his receptionist, who, in his absence, just took the $40 per session co-pay and stuck everyone on heat and stim, no matter their problem. hopefully this has changed in the intervening years; otherwise i'm fucked.

dont have the energy to write a "we dont need health insurance reform, we need the insurance cos to die" post, but consider it #included here.



turns out that

1. the surgeon is not allowed to get me into PT - only my PCP is allowed.

2. i have to contact the PCP and request this.

3. the PCP is not allowed to send me to PT until...

4. we call the surgeon and get him to contact her and provide her with some paperwork.
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