brni (brni) wrote,

well, i'm home

surgical news: he decided that he didnt need to repair the rotator cuff. it was intact enough that he could just "shave" it. he did find a labral tear, as he suspected, and he did something blue to it - not exactly sure what. there's pictures. they show blue stuff.

i'm home with the iceman, in bed, and finally feeling marginnally well enough to deal with this one-handed ytping thing.

so - the iceman. its a beer cooler with an engine. you put in ice and water, it pumps the water through a hose into a cooling pad thats wrapped around my shoulder.

my arm is in a sling. itll be that way for a while. PT starts in 3-5 days. still a bit nauseated. just took my first pain pill, so we
'll see how that works, and how long i remain lucid.

scariest part was was before the surgery. between pre-surgery jitters, linda becoming dramatically ill just before new years and remaining so until today, and some other stuff that some of you have regrettably been made privy, i've essentially not slept or eaten for 2 days before the surgery. nothing like stressing your body before abusing it, right?

anyway, it happened while the nurse was putting in the IV. she stuck the needle in, got it set, and blood started pouring out. she got the tube on, was holding the needle in place while getting the tape when the hose popped off. lots of blood, and she had no hands with which to deal. and stomach turned left. i felt cold. i tried to tell her that i might get sick, but i could't get the words to come out. my tongue woulgn't move. and the blood spills out of my hand, out of hers, over the little pad and onto the stretcher - she's flustered and first she notices i'm about to pitch out of the bed is because i've started sweating so much that the tape is falling off and the iv is coming out.

there are calls for help, anf they lay me flat, stick O2 in my nose and wave things in front of my nose. i cant move. they are telling me how to breathe, and i try to do what they say, but it isnt helping. one of the nurses is doing something to my head - stretching my neck out via my cheekbones or temples, and saying, "wake up! talk to us!" and i AM awake, i just cant do anything. i try to tell them. i try to speak. my tongue is a thousand miles wide. "he's totally out," says the nurse. "and frothing." i can feel the bubbles on my lips. i'm afraid of what will happen if i puke in the middle of this. i'm concious enough to be embarrassed, but i cant make my body respond. they think i'm completely passed out. they call for the anesthesiologist, and eventually i come out of this shockfugue state. they strip me of my sopping wet gown and wipe me down with paper towels, replace the sopping wet blamket, and when i'm steady enough to stand, they strip off the wet sheets. i can apparently produce greater than my body mass of sweat when i go into shock.

i've done this once before with IVs, when i was desperately ill and dehydrated. whats odd is needles dont bug me, and i've never had a problem giving blood or doing blood tests.

enough for now.
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