brni (brni) wrote,

the long and winding highway

A long and exhausting trip to Virginia is complete. Or over, at least. I didn't get everything done that was needed, but then, I thought there'd be 3-4 of us working on this stuff. A combination of illness and delayed travel and it became mostly just me... (Thanks to Andy for helping with some of the heavy lifting.)

One cool thing. Hitting the TV remote after staggering to the hotel room late Tuesday night, I heard that D.C. City Council had overwhelmingly ratified a bill legalizing equal marriage rights. Blink Didn't even know it was on the table. But it's a bill, it's going to the mayor to sign, and he's already pledged to do so.

'Course, because D.C. doesn't actually have any rights, after being voted on by the city legislature and signed into law, it can't go into effect until the U.S. Congress reviews and ratifies. So we'll see what happens. Still...

for details.

Interestingly, of the 2 dissenting votes, one was from former mayor Marion Barry, who voted against the bill because he wanted to be with those who "stand on the moral compass of God." This would be the same Marion Barry who, while mayor, went to hotel rooms with hookers and smoked crack? Ah. Yes. That moral compass.
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