brni (brni) wrote,

and while we're on the subject of shoes...

...I must admit that my iPhone lies.

This story goes back to... well, it goes back, and the most recent installment was in 2007: - a requiem for my boots. I have not had or worn boots since then.

Now, I'm looking at getting a pair of boots, for much the same reason. I'll be one-armed for 4-6 weeks in the dead of winter, and I very much need not to fall down. But now I have more criteria to deal with:

1) help me not fall down in the ice and snow while my arm is out of commission.

2) good arch support

3) be generally useful

4) look good with the utilikilt.

Best chance of finding something that meets all these criteria is online, but at this point, I'm not even sure how to size my feet for boots, or how to compare what I order to anything else. Last time I bought boots, after all, was 1994. So I decided to go to a Timberland store. Try some things on. Get a feel for it, before I start ordering off the intarwebs. Went to King of Prussia mall on friday - got there at 3, drove around for a while trying to find parking. Mall was already full of annoying, pushy people. And... the store had moved. It had moved into the OTHER mall. By this time it was already 4pm, and streets and traffic and people were rapidly getting ugly, so I decided to cut my losses and split. Besides, when I did a search on my iPhone, I discovered that there was a Timberland store that WASN'T in a mall and was actually closer to my home.

Today I went there. Timberland... Timberland... Timberland... um. No. No Timberland, but there WAS a sign for Logan Coal and Timber. Drats. Foiled again.

Damn iPhone.
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