brni (brni) wrote,

you can judge a man by his shoes

A young girl promised
never to wear flowers,
never to drink wine,
never to kiss boys.
Yesterday she promised,
today she repents:
"If I wore flowers,
I’d be much prettier,
if I drank wine,
I’d feel much better,
if I kissed a boy,
I’d be much happier."
- "A Serbian Folk Song"

Today, as I cleaned and prepped for the xmas party, I stumbled upon a bunch of stuff my parents gave me when they were consolidating/purging to move mostly out of their house. In that pile of stuff I found a pair of opanci. Not just a pair of opanci, but MY opanci. My first pair, well worn and well loved, from when I was a youngun.

WTF are opanci, you ask? It's easier to show than tell.

Go on. Look. You know you want to.

Tags: shoes
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