brni (brni) wrote,

businessmen and economic indicators

Today, I shredded the first unsolicited credit card offer I've received in nearly a year.

Before October 2008, I was shredding about 10 a week, and sending back the return envelopes stuffed with val-pak coupons and other credit card companies' term and conditions statements.

I can only see the receipt of a credit card offer now as an indication that the bankers are doing well for themselves, and are now ready to try for another percentage of my money.


But really, what's that all about? Why are so many curses and insults actually good things? Sex and genitalia, for the most part. Why is, "Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker" a bad thing?

Why not replace it with truly vile things? We've got "suits" as a pejorative term, but that doesn't really go far enough. "Go short yourself, you overly-litigious day-trader!" I mean, yes, credit-default-swap-face doesn't have the same ring as fuck-face, but I'm sure over time an appropriate shorthand will develop.

Here, let me give you an example: yesterday I was at the cafe, doing some edits. Four very serious men in very serious suits sat at the next table with lattes and spreadsheets and croissants and such, discussing capitalization and funding for a number of Very Important Projects, business plans, marketing plans, etc. At one point, I left for a minute to feed the meter, leaving my stuff at the table. When I got back, all their trash had migrated onto my table - empty cups and plates, used napkins. They turned in their seats so that I would be out of their field of vision.

Goddamn leaching ponzi schemers.
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