brni (brni) wrote,

to pseudonym, or not to pseudonym, that is the question


Sometimes I write things that I'm not really sure I want my parents to read.

For example, I have a bit of erotica that I'm sending off tomorrow to an Alice in Wonderland themed anthology. I don't know if it'll be selected - it may in fact be too explicit for them. I'm not sure. But suffice to say, I don't mince words in that tale.

I've come up with a pseudonym: one Sir Reginald F. Grump, XXIII. I've come up with a bio for Sir Reginald.

At the tender age of eight, Sir Reginald F. Grump XXIII was discovered raiding his mother's pantyhose drawer for what he had thought was butterfly netting and was placed immediately into therapy, where he was to remain for years. The bartender at Calin's Pub contends that this pivotal and traumatic experience was directly responsible for Sir Reginald's obsession with all things silk, particularly regarding the pervasive eroticisation of spinnerets in his fiction.

As of this writing, Sir Reginald remains an avowed bachelor. His father, Sir Reginald F. Grump XIII, despairs of his son's prospects, and fears that his own mathematical incompetence in naming his only child, the ninth Reginald in the series, has thrown the entire future of their lineage into doubt. Sir Reginald has chosen to remain abstinent until a solution for this numerical dilemma can be found. Qualified candidates (Ph.D. or equivalent experience required, practical experience in real-time error-correction preferred, red hair highly regarded) may submit their Curriculum Vitae through Sir Reginald's agent, at the pub.

I quite like my Sir Reginald character. And he would, in fact, provide some buffer between publishing highly explicit sex scenes and my parents.


I also have this thing about having everything out there. Being a WYSIWYG interface in and of myself. I'm not really sure I want to hide, and taking on a pseudonym feels rather like cheating.

On the other hand, I've always been intrigued by the concept of the transfiguring mask.

What do you think, good people?
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