brni (brni) wrote,

a public service announcement

My dislike of facebook increases over time. The interface is weird and to some extent uncontrollable. It spews masses of unwanted goop at you. It filters not just by your own choice, but by some arcane and mysterious algorithm, so that you don't actually receive everything. And then, by Sturgeon's Law, 90% of everything you do receive is crap. And there's so much of it.

Lately, facebook has taken to showing even more minutia about one's acquaintances. It has become intrusive. Not only is a whole bunch of your fairly personal data out there for people to investigate, which is, lets face it, an unpleasant truth about all social networking sites, but it is - by fb's terms and conditions - tied to one's real name, and then broadcast promiscuously to All & Sundry.

For several months now, my use of facebook has largely been to log in briefly to post things, or to see things that are responses to me, or that I'm tagged with. While I'm on, I'll peruse the first page of whatever comes up and see if there is anything of interest. Also, I've used facebook chat through the Adium multi-chat-protocol client (rather than the largely unusable and wholly annoying facebook web page pop-up chat thingie).

Most recently, facebook has changed the way that their chat protocol interacts with third party clients. Now, if I try to use adium, it causes facebook to log me out and then have to "prove" my identity. Fuck that.

I disabled facebook chat. You can find me via AIM, MSN, yahoo and lj chat. That's enough, really. I'll still log in to facebook and post things here and again, but I'm not browsing it. FB has never been a reliable way to communicate anyway, and I can't even count the number of times I've heard "Well, I posted about it on facebook. If you were interested, you should have said something."

Eh. No. Never saw it, even when I was trying to keep up with all the hundreds of messages per day. "John Doe has gotten his second cup of coffee" makes it through facebooks you-must-know-this-about-all-your-friends filter, and "Going to the Mutter Museum on Saturday, who wants to come?" does not.

Facebook is not built for communication. That communication sometimes occurs is a testament to human resilience, I suspect.
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