brni (brni) wrote,

I'm totally failing at this blogging thing

Both at writing consistently and reading consistently.

Looks like I haven't read LJ since the 13th, which was years ago, or at least 10 days. So I'm trying to catch up. Only 360 posts...

The madness of the last few weeks is over. Faeriecon is done. Grand fun, but the cost of vending outstripped what we could earn. Philcon is over. From a vending perspective, the term I heard that best describes things is "grismal." Due to various & sundry complications, we did not actually get copies of the trade paperback version of The Evil Gazebo in, in time for the book launch, which makes it hard to sell them.

On the other hand, we'll have time to get the fine-tune the layout.

Got to hang out with some wonderful folks both weekends, and met some very cool folks, including Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, and Linda got me into a kilt. Sunday morning on the way to the con, the kilt got me some interesting looks at the Gryphon Cafe as I obtained the necessary nutrients to successfully survive the morning.

Sunday afternoon, I went to a wedding. There were martinis, and discussion of the poise necessary for successfully drinking said martini whilst moving through a crowd. The tables were all named after WoW places. We sat at Thunder Bluff. There was food and dancing and awful music from decades past. People who have no right ever having even HEARD Journey demonstrated that they know ALL THE LYRICS.

Today - MRI for the shoulder issue. Results are pretty damn fast nowadays, and HIPAA regulations that force the labs to only give info to the doctors and not the patients can be overcome with adequate paperwork. Verdict? "There is mild osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints. There is mild tendonopathy and partial low grade tear of the undersurface of the supraspinatus tendon." Everything else is ok. Hopefully the dr will call soon and we'll see what's in store next.

Tomorrow there's a trip to the farm in Kimberton for yummy CSA food and compost. Wednesday another trip to the car doctor to get the locks fixed. Then Tofu Day.

Mebbe next week things can become sane again.
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