brni (brni) wrote,

art and trauma

Did I mention that on a lark, Linda entered one of her clay sculptured hares for consideration for a juried exhibition? And did I mention that it was accepted? She got the news friday, and the opening was today, 3-5pm.

Fortunately, my travel plans for today didn't materialize, so I was able to accompany her to the opening (which she would have avoided had I not been here to prod her).

We arrived at the Wayne Art Center at around 3:30. The parking lot was full. Overfull. People pulling their Mercedeses into muddy gravel to park full. People treating their Lexuses like off-road vehicals full.

We have better luck than they do. Probably because my spousal unit is amazing.

So, in we go.

Linda won no awards. Her little guy sat meekly on the pedestal, looking around to see who all these strange people were, and all the much bigger and brighter and more look-at-me-i'm-art pieces that surrounded him. Next to him was a card.

Linda Saboe | Hare | Clay

There was a red dot on the card.

"Linda, what's the red dot mean?"

"It means 'sold'."

I looked around the gallery. Twice. Then I went back to Linda.

"You realize that not only did it sell, it's the only thing here that sold?"

She was kinda upset. She should have set the price higher, she thought, so that nobody would buy it.

We took a trip away from this opening to a different gallery, where a calligraphy exhibit was showing. We nibbled on some crackers and whatnot. I ate a candy corn. I remembered what candy corn tastes like, and threw away the other two I'd picked up. We were in process of leaving - were actually outside - when Linda decided she wanted to say goodbye to her hare.

Four people were gathered around him, pointing out different aspects of the work. "I knew I wanted him as soon as I saw him," said one of the women, "and then I looked around at the other art, and he was already sold."

Linda turned bright red and hit me. "Don't you dare."

So, this poor woman will go through life without one of Linda's hares. sigh

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