brni (brni) wrote,

from the rejection file

I sent in two stories, should one choose to grace them with that title, to an anthology called Hint Fiction. The idea for this anthology was to write something that doesn't present a WHOLE story, but instead is a hint to a more complete story. In 25 words or less.

In essence, stories that fit in a tweet.

I tend toward the verbose, so perhaps it should be no surprise that neither of my submissions were selected for publication.

Therefore: I present them to you now.

Light Terrors

And if those Words fail you, and the lights creep from under shadow and
floorboard? And the Madness whispers its seductions? What then, my love?

Revenge of the Feng Shui Master

The masked man laughed. "Your Feng Shui sucks!" With casual deliberation,
he turned the end-table 37 degrees counterclockwise. My defenses weakened;
I was overcome.

What of you, good people? Any of you have Hint Fiction rejects you wish to share?

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