brni (brni) wrote,

Patriotism for Profit

Four houses on my street have recently gone up for sale. Two houses down at the end of the street. The house across the street from our next door neighbor. And then, most recently, Jason across the street decided to sell his house and move to California.

The same day that the for sale sign appeared on his lawn, an American flag appeared over his front door.

Come to think of it, two of the other houses had American flags flying.

So I asked Jason. Turns out that two of the four real estate agents he spoke to had recommended getting a flag. They told him that houses with flags sell more quickly, and for more money. He thought it was stupid but... He spent $32 and got a flag. And his house sold.

I don't know if it made him more money, but, well, at least someone's making a profit off it. And that's the American way, isn't it?

But I can't help wonder what Betsy Ross would think.
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