brni (brni) wrote,

the .428571428 of a week in review

A day trip to Virginia on Monday dragged on. And on. Got home this evening, and am sitting down with a glass of whiskey.

On the way home I stopped to get gas. I swiped the card and the pump said "see cashier." So I saw the cashier. He gestured at the screen of the register. "Card is prevotka." He shrugged. "Prevotka."

Oh. Ok. I'll get it paid and come back tomorrow.

So I arrived home to a surprise. I didn't expect them until next week, but 2 boxes of Dead Souls have landed on my doorstep. Huzzah! They are beautiful and creepy. We have copies for the potential reading on the 24th. We have copies for Faeriecon. We have copies for a launch at PhilCon. Copies for you, if you want.

Life is improving.
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