brni (brni) wrote,

oh susanna, don't you laugh at me

Just got back from the reading at Between Books. Attending authors were: C.J. Henderson, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike McPhail, James Chambers and ... unexpectedly ... me. We were all brilliant. Pity there weren't more people attending.

Note to self: saturdays are better than sundays for readings/signings.

I read Kashrut, which will be in the anthology "New Blood," launching at Balticon next May. My preface to the story?

When I started writing, I made a promise to myself that I would never write a vampire story. Then I was asked to write a vampire story. "Um... Okay." Which just goes to show how much integrity I have. So I modified my promise. I will never write a sexy-vampire story.

Kashrut is a story about a newly turned octogenarian vampire with diabetes and a prosthetic foot trying to reconcile his new existence with Jewish dietary law. Hilarity and horror ensue.

Good news is that several people came up to me to find out more about my work. Bad news is that I didn't have books to sell them.

Other good news: Between Books now has a copy of The Evil Gazebo limited handbound edition for display/sale, and they'll call me for refills as needed. And I've been asked to do a reading/signing there after the paperback comes out. ~smile~

A worthwhile outing, despite the low body-count.
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