brni (brni) wrote,

British Spellings

I have long been fascinated by the appalling mockery that the British make of the English language. Somehow, over the course of the past 200-odd years since we released them from their child-support obligations, the British have (quite spitefully, I might add) developed new and bizarre ways of spelling common words. What is interesting is that this does not meaningfully change the pronunciation of these words - for example, upon changing the spelling of the word "flavor" to "flavour," they did not make it rhyme with "devour."

Below I have included a short - but representative - set of words and phrases where British spellings deviate from Proper English, while the pronunciation remarkably remains identical.

British spelling / Proper spelling 
---------------- / ----------------
labour / labor 
theatre / theater
colonise / colonize
dialogue / dialog    
manoeuvre / maneuver 
offence / offense
lorry / truck
this is utterly intolerable / this fucking sucks             

For more examples, go here

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