brni (brni) wrote,

remember remember the 19th of september, or something like that

Today is, once again, Talk Like a Pirate day, which so conveniently coincides with the child's birthday. Thus Pirates become inextricably linked with new life, even as the equinox looms, and pyramids. Because a birthday apparently isn't complete without a pyramid of quite drunken pirates. We assist as we can, by taking in their dog so he isn't lost in the madness, slipping through the door and into the street, and staying away from the party itself so that they can exhibit their worst, most piratical behavior without mom and dad seeing. We'll be shown the PG version of the pictures at a later date. I've promised to assist with bail money if it is necessary.

At Live Steel, in honor of TLAPD, we practiced cutlass and belaying pin techniques. I wear the marks of others well played assaults upon my skin. It is their honor to reciprocate.
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