brni (brni) wrote,

Making end of life decisions for another person is always difficult, even if (or perhaps especially if) the person is "only" an animal. They can't tell you what they want.

Some while back, the dove (that's her name) started showing some sort of growth near her vent. We feared it was a tumor. We took her to the vet - actually, Linda did; I was on a mission in virginia - and we learned that it wasn't a tumor. It was fluid building up under her skin, a symptom of kidney failure.

She actually recovered somewhat for a while. It's been a couple months, but the time is finally here. She looks miserable, feathers all fluffed out, her beak open to get more air. She's listing to one side on her perch, and her eyes are half-closed.

So, do we take her to the vet? Or let nature take its course? I worry about the stress of getting her out of the cage and into a carrier, into the car and across town. Birds handle these things poorly, and putting her through the ordeal may be more cruel than letting her suffer.
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