brni (brni) wrote,

in the better late than never category...

A week ago? 2 weeks? Some time ago, a package arrived with funny looking stamps that prompted idle curiosity about why the queen didn't try to use the postal service as her own Dorianesque - age the image in the stamps and stay young herself, instead of the other way 'round.

Disregarding the state of the queen, a package came from the UK, containing stickers and temporary tattoos with pirates and faeries and ninjas. There was also a pirate mask and (!) an inflatable parrot that prompted comments from all but one female who has seen it. "That's quite phallic, dear." "I never knew parrots were so...endowed!" and "Milo is going to be so jealous."

Kate did not comment. She looked up at her mother's words, then turned away and giggled through tight lips.

I won a contest, you see. Yes, I, who never win anything. The contest was to commemorate Cate Gardner's first professional rate sale, for her short story, "Trench Foot," which features... well, make a guess. It's a fun read.

Y'all should go take a look. It'll make the parrot happy.


Cate, incidentally, is sharing a TOC with me in Dead Souls, which is launching Sept 19th at Fantasy Con in Nottingham.
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