brni (brni) wrote,

sittin' here on the group w bench

i'm in philly. this isn't a good thing. i'm sitting on an aggressively cold floor (raised floor with HVAC pumped through the flooring). it's midnight, and i've been here since 9, waiting for the XO tech to show up.

i have a circuit that's been down since 4pm. these folks do not seem to understand the concept of urgency, or of customer service, or of troubleshooting, or anything. here is the most recent update on the situation that i sent to our staff:


these people should not be allowed to be in business.

spoke with them at 8ish. they said a tech was onsite trying to debug the
problem. spoke with CA, and CA suggested that i meet this tech and maybe
assist him in discovering a braincell. en-route to 401, i get a call
saying that the tech was not actually onsite, but was dispatched, with an
estimated 2 hour ETA. i get to 401 around 9. i mess with things a bit
trying to make stuff work, but it doesn't. i wait for the tech.

around 10pm the phone rings. it's wendy? gwen? something like that.
from xo. she goes through a couple things w/ me, then puts me on hold.
then she comes back on and asks if she can call back.


so maybe 10 min later she calls back. she's got aaron from the router
group on the line. he starts asking some basic questions, until i explain
to him how this weirdass circuit is built, since they don't have the
engineering onfile.

from end to end, here is the circuit:

xo router ethernet port ->
cat 5 cable across room ->
patch panel ->
cat 5 cable across room into xo colo room ->
patch panel ->
cat 5 cable ->
rj45 <-> fiber media converter ->
fiber jumper ->
fiber patch panel ->
fiber bundle from 3rd to 9th floor ->
fiber patch panel ->
fiber jumper ->
fiber <-> rj45 media converter ->
cat 5 cable ->
patch panel ->
sdfc run cat 5 cable to meetme room ->
sdfc patch panel ->
sdfc run cat 5 cable to coretel ->
coretel router ethernet port

to complicate things, if the first media converter works, it tells the xo
router that the circuit is up, even if it isn't.

it took them weeks to make this work, and to do so, i had to walk through
the whole installation and show them how to test each piece. we found 2
places where it was broken.

as soon as i explained this, aaron said "ok, we need to get a tech onsite
to test this circuit out. there's a cable break or a hardware failure in
the circuit after the first media converter."

gwen/wendy/whatever says "ok, i got ahold of bill. it's going to take him
about an hour and a half to get there."

"um, i thought the tech was already dispatched around 8pm?"

"management told us not to dispatch anyone until we talked to the noc."

i didn't think it possible, but my opinion of xo has just declined.

the tech should be here any 15 minutes ago.

i wonder if he's been dispatched yet?
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