brni (brni) wrote,

prom night in mississippi

I'm watching a documentary about a prom.

I never went to a dance in all my high school days. The first prom I went to was after I'd graduated and found myself escorting my girlfriend to her junior prom. There's pictures.

No, of course you can't see them.

This documentary, tho, is fascinating. Charleston, Mississippi is Morgan Freeman's hometown. In 2008 he decided to see if he could break a long tradition. For as long as anyone could remember, there had been two proms in that town: a white prom and a black prom. The school was integrated, but the dance was not. Morgan Freeman approached the kids and offered to fund an integrated prom, if they put it together.

After the meeting, he said, "Well, we'll see what happens. If it's up to the kids, everything will be fine. If too many adults start getting involved..." He shook his head. "The kids'll feel like they're being watched."

Some parents forced their kids to go to an all white prom anyway, but overall, the integrated prom was a huge success.

And until now, I'd always felt that the best prom was Buffy's from the original movie - the one that got crashed by vampires. Who knew I'd actually ever root for a prom's success?
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