brni (brni) wrote,

The Saga of the Shattered Cellphone

A while back, when the iphone first came out - a couple years now, I guess - my boss bought a couple of the things and I ended up with one of them. Of course, the caller ID has his name on it - not the company name or anything useful - and I've been unable to get AT&T to change it.

So, maybe a year ago, I cracked the screen. I had been helping my ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend move her out of her and her husband's house - I called it karma. I put packing tape over it, and it held up okay. But my boss had just upgraded to the new improved version, and he gave me his 1st gen phone. But he'd pulled the sim card - and the sim card carrier. I tried swapping over to the new phone, but it wouldn't take. Tried dealing with it online. Fail. Tried calling support. They wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't my boss. Talked to the folks at the AT&T store. That was a useless exercise. I gave up, and stuck to the broken phone.

Time passed. I didn't really mind having a broken phone - the karma story tended to make people blink a couple times.

And then Saturday I managed to leave the phone at the dojo, after the Live Steel grapple-fest. I was too exhausted to think clearly when I was getting all my bits and pieces together. I tried to get back in, but banging on the door just set the dog barking. I made phone calls from the payphone at the corner, and finally went home. It was looking like I'd not be able to get my phone back until Monday night.

So I decided it was time to call this one lost and get the new one working. Having exhausted other avenues already, I set up an appointment with the genius bar at the apple store. They couldn't help me right off - they'd have to order me a sim card carrier. They didn't know how long it would take to come in, but probably sometime next week. Then, I'd need to go to the AT&T store and get a new sim card. Then, presumably, I'd have to call AT&T support and impersonate my boss to get it activated.

Or, I could buy a new 3G iphone for $99 and be done with it.

I consulted with Linda and we decided to go for the new phone. Cool. Went to talk to one of the salespeople. "One of the guys in the light blue shirts," the genius bar (dark blue shirt) said. Yeah, he can help me with the phone, etc etc etc.

There's only one hitch.

When the storms came through that afternoon, they lost power and it toasted the server. No iphone activations until that was fixed.

Yeah, I can tell when the universe is trying to tell me something.

Karma ain't done with me yet.
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