brni (brni) wrote,

in the hazy aftermath

Made it home from Balticon. Good fun, but a lot of work and frazzlement. Let's see if I can manage to say anything coherent.

The latest in publication news, in the wake of Balticon, wherein I got to talk face to face with many a fine person, some of whom I've met online.

~raises his glass in salute~

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my friends.

So, onward to announcements:

The Path That Few Have Trod - Well, it was supposed to be out in issue #10 of Trail of Indiscretion in time for Balticon. Alas, computers suck, and therefore the issue is running late. I expect it out within the next month. I'll post a note with links when it's actually out.

It Was Just Like Her - Was accepted, and should be out in Cemetery Moon #6 in or around August.

For both of these, if you live in my general area and want me to pick up copies for you, let me know via email (contact info is on my web site if you don't already have it). I can't beat Fortress Publishing's shipping rates, though, so if it needs shipping, it makes more sense to get it from them, unless you are a signature fetishist who is willing to pay a bit more to get one that's been defaced.

I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that The Collector will be in the anthology Dead Souls, scheduled for release in September. Not Balticon news, but it fits into the time-line right here.

The Levee Song will be in the themed anthology Barbarians at the Jumpgate - stories of conflict between low tech and high tech societies - tentatively scheduled to release in Spring of next year.

Sales of The Evil Gazebo went well enough for The So-So Depression - 10 copies sold, bringing us to 45% of the edition sold since we birthed this thing in October. 57 sold, which means only 69 unique, handbound copies left...

Other developments? Well, we'll see what happens.

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