brni (brni) wrote,

The Virginia / Brni Mutual Admiration Society - The Continuing Saga

On Sunday morning, I failed to move an 18th Century pump organ - truly an amazing thing. It looks a lot like this one here, but without the top piece with the mirror.. The thing was exactly .5 inch too tall to fit in my car. It is destined to move from the kid's girlfriend's parents house (her dad has 1 piano, 1 theatre organ, 1 functioning pump organ and 2 non-functioning pump organs) to their house. I'm profoundly jealous. I may at some point need to fill my house with antique and obsolete instruments that I can't play, like Victorian pump organs and Swedish hunting oboes.

But I'll need to get a bigger house.

Later that day, I drove to Virginia and ended up working until 3:30 in the morning. Brief interlude at a hotel. Not the Best Western - stopped there first, and their parking lot was only half full, but the guy at the desk just stared at me and said, "No. No rooms."

No soup for you!

Finished up work in VA at 10:30 and heading home. Just as it started to rain heavily. Got down the Dulles Toll Road without attracting state troopers, paid the guy at the "full service" tollbooth, asked him for a receipt and he shrugged and said, "I'm off. Sorry." So, I don't get reimbursed for that bit. Got onto the beltway, grumbling under my breath about how much I hate Virginia, and my tire goes flat.

So, it's pouring rain at 11pm, and the trucks are whizzing by at 80mph (no reckless driving for them, just for me... ~grumblegrumble~). And there's no space to safely change the tire, and no light to see anything, so I drive on my rim with my blinkers on until I'm out of fucking Virginia, and get off at the next exit and pull over in the first lighted parking lot.

Which is where I discover that while I have a little donut spare tire, I cannot find the jack. Which means I can't change the tire. Which means I end up calling BetterWorldClub and getting a tow truck guy out. Actually, the whole thing was far more pleasant than I'd ever had dealing with AAA - they actually told me who had been contracted to come out, and a phone number to reach them directly.

Still, it was after midnight when I got fixed, and then drove 150 miles home in the rain on a donut.

And I get home at 4am.

Now, it's time to go get my car from the shoppe, and find out how much the new tires are setting me back. Wish me luck...
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