brni (brni) wrote,

The Day in Review

Today was swordplay, and food and spectacular animation.

Swordplay: about 4.5 hours worth. Discovered that unarmed combat against someone with a sword pretty much sucks for the unarmed guy if the guy with the sword has any skill. Big, dumb cuts? Yeah, that's easy to stop. But anything more clever? *sigh*

The judo and aikido training is coming in handy. It's a bit of a challenge to get used to different distances and limited grip (hard to hold one's sword AND grab someone at the some time), but it's fascinating how the stuff translates.

Food was both Thai and wonderful. The company ran from annoying to absurd. My first impression was that they were a new family, a man trying hard to impress his new step-daughter. But it turns out that she was his real daughter, and he really just operated in verbose mode at all times. He was very impressed with the Thai food. Hardly like Red Lobster at all. He lectured his daughter about how America used to be about joining the melting pot - coming to America and becoming Americanized. But now, it's all about 'multidiversity.' Everyone wants to come here but keep their own culture. But that's a good thing because of the food.

"Would it be rude of me," I asked, "if I suggested to him that the word he wanted was 'multiculturalism'?"

"Yes," said Linda.

About a minute later, he's telling his daughter (whose name appears to be "Kat, are you listening to me?") about Mrs. Malaprop, and the history of the word 'malapropism.'

From there, we journeyed to a far-off land, where little girls have other mothers and (almost) everyone has buttons for eyes. Brilliantly done, and spectacular. If you have not seen Coraline yet, do not miss it.
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