brni (brni) wrote,

part 2 of the DC area justice system madness series

In 2008, drug dealers were bringing drugs into the DC area by shipping the packages through standard shipping services to various random addressees, and then scooping the packages up off the front step before the homeowner could retrieve the package. In July, drug sniffing dogs in Arizona detected one such package. The package was then brought to Prince George Country, MD, and on July 29th, it was delivered by an officer disguised as a deliveryman. Other officers waited in hiding for someone to come and pick up the package.

Nobody came. Instead, the resident brought the package - 32 pounds of marijuana - into his home and left it sitting on the table.

That resident was Cheye Calvo, Mayor of the town of Berwyn Heights.

The next day, while still being considered a "person of interest" in the case, and still under investigation by a sheriff's office that proclaimed that everything they had done was justified, he sent an email to his friends describing the incident.

Dear Friends and Neighbors-

Yesterday evening, as my mother-in-law prepared dinner and I changed clothes hurrying to head to a community meeting, a heavily-armed county SWAT team burst through our living room door and shot and killed both of our dogs. There were loud voices. In the sights of two high-caliber weapons, I was ushered downstairs in only my boxer shorts before I was bound and forced to kneel on the floor. My mother-in-law was bound face down in the kitchen. The dead body of my bigger and older dog, Payton, laid in a pool of blood on the other side of the living room.

Here's the rest of the letter:,0,4607054.story

Since this incident, a number of other incidents have percolated to the surface, showing a pattern by Prince George County police of immediately shooting the pets of any suspects. In one case, the police arrived with a warrant for a different house on the street. While the residents were telling that officers that they had arrived at the wrong house, other officers moved to the back of the house and shot the couple's dog, which had been in the back yard. In another case, police entered a woman's apartment without a search warrant, looking for the woman's sister. She was told that if they didn't find their suspect, they would return the next day and shoot her dog.

If you followed the link to Mr. Calvo's letter, you'll see a box in the middle of the story with the header "Ads by Google." I don't know what you'll see in that box, because these things are sorta dynamically created through content matching and how much money the advertiser is paying, but what shows up for me is:

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Um. Yeah.
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