brni (brni) wrote,

google goes mad

so. google has gone mad. they have a relatively recent malware detection thingie, wherein they try to prevent people from accessing web pages that they think may be compromised or hosting malware that will affect your WINDOZE machine (and apparently they haven't figured out how to discern your browser or operating system the way millions of web hosting companies have).

this morning, they broke this thing, and now ALL search results are labeled as compromised.

see here for an example.

So, here's an interesting side effect, affecting all gmail users:

"Its spilling over into email processing at gmail now and marking as spam
messages that have links that show bad on google search. Interesting
Saturday morning....."

So, any of you using gmail - please check your spam filters carefully for a bit, and check to make sure that senders you WANT to receive mail from don't get stuck into a spam filter.


ETA - and now it is fixed. Looks like it was broken for about 45 minutes. Still, gmail users, check your mail carefully for a bit.
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