brni (brni) wrote,

a candlelit evening

I left for Virginia on Sunday for work. I was going to be down there from Sunday through Wednesday, was the plan. Got a call when I was almost there. Loki had been feeling sick when I left, and apparently started getting worse after I left. She was throwing up, mostly water, and was unable to poop. Fortunately our neighbor's daughter Meg was visiting, and she came over to look at Loki. Meg's a vet, practicing somewhere east of Lehigh. Meg said, "Take her to the emergency room."

Seems Loki got into the compost pile and inhaled a lot of stuff she shouldn't have. X-rays were inconclusive. They were going to do an ultrasound today. Around noon today, we got the results. Lots of stuff - oak and maple leaves, etc. - but not impacted. But she had severe inflammation of the intestines, irritation of the esophagus from all the vomiting, etc. She was also dehydrated from the vomiting. They put her on an IV drip, started her on antibiotics and something to help her esophagus. They wanted to keep her another overnight. We went to visit her and spent about 45 minutes with her. Then I went to deal with some work stuff.

By the time I got home, things had changed. Loki started coughing shortly after we left. Turns out she's developed pneumonia. They've changed her antibiotics and are aspirating her every 2 hours. Now they want to keep her 2 more nights.

A couple minutes after I got all that news, the power went out.

Now, last Wednesday we got our generator. I managed to get it put together before I had to head out to Virginia, but I didn't have time to get oil or gas for it. Or even a gas can to transport the gas. And I didn't have time since then. And then the power went out, just as it was going dark outside, and the roads a sheet of ice.

So we turned to figuring out how to keep the iguana warm. So. We didn't manage to get the generator going, and we didn't manage to get the insulation up on the windows in the animal room before it got to cold to install it. So. Working by candlelight. We found a brick. We stuck it on the stove. Fortunately, we have a gas stove. Heated it for a while. Set it up in the room. In the process, moving stuff around in a dark room, I managed to knock something. I heard a thump. I heard a burble. I'd knocked over the watering can. The full watering can. A gallon of water all over the floor, and a scramble to mop it up.

So, we've gotten power back.

But we don't have Loki back.
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