brni (brni) wrote,

a surreal evening; a trip to the ER

All in all a disappointment - There were no bombs. Or earthquakes. Or floods. Nobody ran in with a gun or a knife. No helicopters crashed into building. No interns and residents were fucking wildly in closets, or discussing their steamy intimate secrets or having arguments about said secrets while performing intricate surgeries.

There was, on the other hand, six hours in the waiting room (quoth the intern: "yeah, try not to get hurt on a monday, that's always our busiest day, and this is the worst one I've seen here"), a woman in a wheelchair screaming that homeless people were in imminent danger of death if she did not get her x-ray immediately, and then another six hours in the hospital room, watching nigh-smut on the flat-screen TV (quoth the resident: "huh, I didn't know we got those channels") while waiting for someone to provide antibiotics to deal with my friend's blood poisoning.

My friend's response to Nine and a half weeks?

"Fetish good. Creepy bad."

It is good to keep one's perspective while in the ER.
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