brni (brni) wrote,

holiday music

I used to work retail/service. I was a picture framer, in a frame shop in a mall.

I was also a full time student.

The holiday season, as a result, was for me a long sleepless stretch of 50 hour work weeks, finals and all-night paper-writing sessions. And the soundtrack for this nightmare? The mall tape loop of christmas songs, turned up to 11, in case any of the shoppers had forgotten that they were supposed to spend spend spend.

When I first heard Shriekback's Oil and Gold, it spoke to that feeling -- the frenzied madness; the long stretches of solitude and depression; the interesting, introspective lyrics -- and I found myself drawn, December after December, back to this album. This was my Christmas album for over a decade.

Christmas three years ago was difficult, for a number of reasons. There's things I that I remember vividly. Others are less clear. I don't remember what I listened to that winter. Last winter, (why? Hammill only knows) was a Van der Graff Generator Christmas. Lots of angst and rage.

This year, apparently Who Killed Amanda Palmer has decided to take up residence on the cd player. I haven't determined what this means, quite yet.
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