brni (brni) wrote,

adventures in modern homeownership


Ok. So we have this bathroom. There's 3 light switches. 1 switch controls the lights over the sink. 1 switch controls the ceiling exhaust fan. 1 switch (other side of the wall) controls the light over the bathtub.

The fan never really worked well, since we first moved in. It was loud and anemic, and didn't really exhaust anything.

About a month or two ago, the light above the bathtub stopped working. First it started chewing through lightbulbs with wild abandon, then it just stopped working altogether.

Shortly after that, the fan stopped working.

I decided I'd be clever. I bought a combination light/fan at home depot, figuring that dispatched two fowl with... well, whatever. So today I went to install. First, I killed the power. Then I pulled the old fan down.

It was dusty, and rusted. And mildewed. And came out of the ceiling with a surprise.

There's no exhaust.

There's supposed to be a nice little aluminium duct that runs to something that leaves the house. There is not. Instead, the fan simply blew the damp/stinky air into the space above the ceiling and below the floor above. And into the electrical system above the tub.

Now I have a hole in the ceiling, and I have to figure out where to run this damned exhaust. Whichever way it goes, it means drilling through joists, and probably pulling out more of the ceiling. Oh joy. Oh rapture.
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