brni (brni) wrote,

braindeath, clearly


Ok, so we've finished up two days at Faeriecon so far, launching the limited edition handbound version of The Evil Gazebo, and I've totally failed to even mention all this here.

Um. There's one day left of Faeriecon (at the Philadelphia Convention Center) - Sunday from 10am to 5pm. We'll be there. Booth 1431. Come visit. See wonderful handbound books - art by Linda Saboe, bookbinding by Jess Edwards (story by me). Put in an order. Get your very own...

Oh, I also almost have version 1.0 of the website complete (with Linda's help of course - if it was all in my hands, it would be plain text, centered, on a grey background). Let's call it v 0.9.

Shameless self-promotion, yes, but what else is a poor boy to do?
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