brni (brni) wrote,

waiting for gazebo

When the kid was in middle school, we started a literature program to try to get him to be less overtly hostile to the idea of, like, reading. We read some things together. For example, he was tasked with reading some plays, and was hating it. So we decided to read them together, each taking a different part.

Waiting for Godot made him intensely angry. "This is stupid!" And "This is pointless!" Ranting that had him out of his seat and pacing the living room.

Until we got to the section that ends:

ESTRAGON: Let's hang ourselves immediately!

"What?" His attention captured, the anger dissipated.

Which led to a whole 'nother discussion that I wasn't entirely ready to have sprung on me, having only recently wandered into a relationship that came prepopulated with a just-hitting-puberty boy.

Seems The Evil Gazebo is held up at the printers until tomorrow. *heavy sigh*

The good news is that the first edition is already almost 10% sold (lettered are 23% sold), and it doesn't even exist yet.

But what shall I do while I wait?
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