brni (brni) wrote,

The Evil Gazebo

[And to think, this all started with me catching a glimpse of a slightly sinister Gazebo in a Gazebo Shoppe as we drove through the town of Paradise, PA, on the the way to York.]

the evil gazebo

Story: brni
Illustrations: Linda Saboe
Bookbinding: Jess Edwards
Layout: Lindsay McKeighan

The Evil Gazebo is rapidly becoming actual. We go to print tomorrow. I have a final edit to do tonight.

We're still pulling together all the pieces to find out what our costs will be, and I suspect that we won't have an actual retail price available until Faeriecon.

All three of my co-conspirators are astounding and brilliant, and I'm clearly unworthy of their efforts. (which are heroic. or perhaps heroineic.)

It's an edition of 100 numbered copies and 26 lettered copies. Lettered copies will probably be a little more expensive than numbered.

Letters A and K are already spoken for.

More to come...
Tags: evil gazebo
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