brni (brni) wrote,

two bits (shave and a haircut)

Two bits of news.

First. I took my first class at Live Steel Fight Academy. Fascinating stuff. I was quite impressed with their commitment to safety, to learning the fundamentals. We'll see tonight and tomorrow how the neck responds to the workout.

I was amused by the water breaks. It was a workout, yes, but nothing like an hour and a half of judo. They were worried because I hadn't brought water with me. For me, it's part of the training. Still, looks like something I'm going to enjoy.


The Evil Gazebo is coming together. lsaboe has been working feverishly at the illustrations, and they are fantastic. She's really captured the characters - the expressions and personalities - exactly as I'd imagined them as I wrote the story. Lindsay has done amazing work on short order getting the layout in order. ladywind is prepping for a bookbinding frenzy, and if everything works out, there will be some copies available by Faeriecon.
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