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Two things are happening on Saturday, September 6th.

Between Books in Claymont, DE is hosting a Bad-Ass Faeries book signing, from 2-6pm (or maybe from 1-6pm...reports vary). For y'all Pennsylhoovians, Claymont's just on the other side of the dotted line on the map that dictates where to send your taxes.

Expected to appear will be CJ Henderson, James Chambers, Patrick Thomas (tentative), Bernie Mojzes, Danielle Ackley-Mcphail and John Passarella

2703 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, Delaware 19703

The second event of the day is a Riverwalk Fire Victim benefit at Guppys in Conshohocken. Cover is $20, includes all you can drink draft beer from 7-9pm, and ALL proceeds go to the people who lost everything on August 13th.

It'll be an open mic until 9pm, so if you play, bring your axe (there'll be a keyboard for those who key), and then a DJ takes over after that. The profoundly talented Vanida Gail should be there, and hearing her sing is worth having to help people out by drinking beer.

So... if you have a hit out on me, now you know where I'll be.
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