brni (brni) wrote,

music festivals

So, there's this extended music festival taking place right now. Who's playing?

Kanye West
Black Eyed Peas
Fall Out Boy
Death Cab for Cutie
Cold War Kids
and much much more!

The venue? The space in and around the Democratic National Convention. And Rage Against the Machine will be playing a show timed to coincide with the DNC to protest the war in Iraq.

Fear not! The Republican National Convention has its own music festival, featuring:

The Beach Boys
The Charlie Daniels Band
Mike Huckabee
Bellamy Brothers
Gretchen Wilson
and lots more white people!

(It's ok, tho... they've also got Cowboy Troy, so they're multicultural too!)

Just in case our country decides to follow Charlie Daniels into the future, let us take a quick gander at what to expect:

Yeah. "Limp-wristed wimps."

Thank you, Mr. Daniels, for reminding us precisely what the republicans have to offer us.
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