brni (brni) wrote,

a conversation

We were driving to Glenside to see King Crimson (incidentally: OMFG! there will be a concert report soon, I swear) in the rental car. Gordon was riding shotgun, jezebellydancer having volunteered for the the back seat, as she has the shortest legs. JB mentioned that she was surprised her coworker (*waves to coworker*) had never heard of Crimson.

Not surprising, I suggested, considering that she's but a wee child.

No, I was assured, she knows all sorts of bands, things you'd never suspect. She really likes punk.

Me: Punk? You mean, like, Green Day?

All: [much snorting]

Which led to a discussion about drumming, and that said coworker is a drummer, and punk drumming, and Gordon mentioning that brni's been known to like a bit of punk on occasion. Then he amended.

"To be fair, though, your tastes seem to be more for post-punk."

"What exactly would you consider 'post-punk'?" I asked.

"Oh, I reckon that would be anyone who put an album out."

Hadn't thought of it that way before, but I reckon he's sorta right.
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