brni (brni) wrote,

the great york adventure


Oh wait. I've been told to inform Michael that whatever he might have experienced living in York sometime in the middle of the last century, we saw plenty of persons of color (and even women in burkas), and hardly any of them were in chains.

The York Emporium is a fascinating place, filled with all manner of stuff. It is clearly the coolest place east of Pittsburgh and west of the Susquehanna. Except for the temperature. The no-AC bit was a kinda rough. But really, I wish we had a bookstore like this in our little piece of civilization.

The gig went well. I've pinned down a publication date for my story, The Path That Few Have Trod. It will be in issue 11 of Trail of Indiscretion, out in March, 2009. Also, my story Fey Fatale should be out in Syren Songs, probably out in Sprint 2009.

Loot: I picked up a few things while I was there. Most interesting are three hundred or so year old books.

Philadelphia: Past and Present by herbert Pullinger (1915) - which is a series of illustrations of Philadelphia as it was then.

Philadelphia's Better Self - This book has no professed author, and no copyright, but appears to be a description of the glory of Philadelphia from the point of view of the YMCA in 1896.

History of The Great Flood In Johnstown, PA., May 31, 1869, By Which Over 10,000 Lives Were Lost, by J.S. Ogilvie (copyright 1889).
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