brni (brni) wrote,

The Last Day

I found my folder of old stories I wrote back in high school (1979-1983).

I'd like to share one with you. I don't think that the term flash fiction had been invented yet, but I can't claim ownership; Hemingway wrote the ultimate piece of flash fiction in six brutal words. Mine is much longer, and not nearly as good. You've been warned.

The Last Day

The space armada arrived, seemingly from nowhere. The ships where everywhere, and somehow the public had found out.

Religion flourished. So did the drug trade. There was much last-day partying. The world was a mess.

Finally, a message came down from the ships.

"We'd like 350,000 pizzas, to go. That's 150,000 pepperoni, 50,000 extra cheese, 25,000 mushroom..."

Tags: fictiones
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