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A few years back some neighbors adopted an adorable german shepherd puppy, whom they named Lucky. Unfortunately, they mostly kept him chained in the back yard, and he never really got socialized. As he got older and bigger, he got mean. He'd bark and snarl at anyone walking past, and hurl himself at the fence (if he was in the back yard) or at the window or door if he was in the house. He would get out occasionally, and run off down the street. They changed his name from Lucky to Rocky.

One night, maybe a year back, Loki went nuts about something in the back yard. She does that when the deer come up out of the woods. I let her out, she chases them off, and she comes back proud and contented. This time, she confronted something that was smaller than deersize, that growled at her. There was a bit of conflict - growls and snarls, and some running around, and I ran outside to see what was happening. There are no lights for our backyard, so I was somewhat hampered, but I ran up to the larger dog and yelled at him, and he ran off.

About two weeks ago, Loki was out the front. Rocky came running, making a beeline straight for Loki. I went to intercept and grab him, but he slipped away and ran off down the street. Rocky gets out regularly. I'd seen him out at least once a week. I found out today that he apparently gets out almost every day.

Today, I was heading home from the coffee shoppe, where I'd been working on the novel, and my phone rang. It was Linda, and she was at the emergency vet.

Not Loki, thankfully.

Zappa is a small, whitish terrier mix who lives across the street from us, and next door to Rocky. Lisa, our neighbor, and a friend were out in the garden. Zappa was with them. Rocky got out, ran straight for Zappa, grabbed her around the belly and started shaking her. Linda heard the dog scream from across the street and went running.

Apparently, this is not the first attack. There was an old lady who used to walk by with her little white fluff dog. I'd see them walk past every day. Haven't seen them for a while. Apparently Rocky did the same thing to this dog, about two months back. He had puncture wounds, but nothing that required more than antibiotics and a bunch of drains. Lisa witnessed the whole thing, and talked to her neighbors, but says that she didn't think they were hearing her.

Zappa is most likely in surgery right now, or will be going in soon. She has puncture wounds to the chest and gut. The chest wound is not life-threatening - it didn't get all the way through. The belly wound is worse. That went all the way through into the abdominal cavity. Mostly the stuff that squeezed out through the hole is fatty tissue. She had air in her abdomen, but it didn't look like the intestines were injured. Probably the biggest danger right now is that Zappa is an older dog, and has a heart murmur, which makes any surgery more dangerous.

I guess we'll hear in a couple hours.


ETA: Zappa made it through surgery and is expected to recover.
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